Invalid XML: The prefix "o" for element "o:p" is not found




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    Yunk, Robert M


    First: I don't see any of these XML nodes in the WYSIWYG editor's Source view, but still get the error. Is it possible for these nodes to be present in the content even though the WYSIWYG source view doesn't show it?

    Second: Does the WYSIWYG editor's "Paste" button do anything to clean this up? i.e. would using that button be any different at all from the user pasting using CTRL+V? Just wondering if that "Paste" button operates at all like the "Paste from Word" button found in some other WYSIWYG editors in the outside world.

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    Meg O'Connor

    Hi Robert! I'm going to go ahead and create a support ticket for you so we can get you taken care of, you should be receiving an email shortly.

    For reference:

    It's possible that content can be pulled in from somewhere else. You could try viewing the page source and searching for where those <o:p> tags are being generated.

    There will be some cleanup on paste in the visual editor, which takes into account the schema you have set in your WYSIWYG editor configuration, but pasting into the source code will be like pasting as plain text.

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